Why You Should Upgrade Your Fire Protection System for Peace of Mind

If you plan to open large premises with many individual rooms of all shapes and sizes, you will need to make sure that the entire space is configured properly from a safety perspective. You will, after all, be responsible for looking after those who work or visit, especially when it comes to fire protection. What type of system should you choose, bearing in mind that there are many different options and budget considerations?

Minimum Standards

Federal and state regulations will require you to have a fire system within the building, and it must reach certain standards — for example, there might be certain rules about what type of fire panel you can have installed. You will also need to have a fire evacuation policy in place with the relevant signage and should appoint a fire marshal to oversee this important task.

Peace of Mind

The regulations may not dictate your choice of system, but you will need to balance your budget with the level of security and your peace of mind. You will want to know that you have the best available system to look after everybody, and if something were to happen, you will want to know exactly what is happening so that precise action can be taken.

Addressable System

In this case, you may need an addressable fire alarm system. These are commonly chosen in a particularly large facility, which may have hundreds or thousands of individual activation points. Such a system can determine exactly where the outbreak is and may isolate that area immediately. This information can be passed to the fire responders, and they will be able to head directly for the problem point. Without this system, they may know that the fire is contained within a particular zone, but that area could contain a variety of different rooms. They may waste time trying to find the actual root of the fire, and this may lead to damage that could otherwise have been avoided.

System Monitoring

Some of these systems are interactive and can monitor their own performance. This may help you to avoid a costly false alarm if the system finds a potential problem first. Sensors can then send a message to the central control point to prompt you to take action.

Money Well Spent

You may be able to save money in another part of your project but should not skimp when it comes to fire prevention. Talk with your equipment supplier about installing an addressable fire alarm system instead.