Struggling To Get Your Kid To Use The Loo Away From Home? A Simple Tool Might Help

Children can come up with many different reasons why they feel uncomfortable using the toilet outside of their own home. For children with behavioural issues, it can be an act of defiance, but for others it can simply be a nervous reaction to unfamiliar territory. This can be extremely distressing for them as they grow older and realise they should be using the toilets like other children do. Luckily there is a way you can try to get them feeling comfortable going to the toilets outside their house.

Disposable Toilet Seat Cover For Children

A disposable toilet seat cover for children can be a great way to slowly introduce your child to the realm of public toilets. Not only are they more comfortable, but you can also make your kid feel more comfortable by getting them to use the disposable toilet seat cover for children at home so they become familiar with it before you try to use it away from home. That way your child associates the disposable seat cover with home and might feel more confident. Familiarity is so important when it comes to kids because they rely on trust and having that tied to a disposable toilet seat cover for children can help them move forward.

What Is A Disposable Toilet Seat Cover For Children?

Disposable toilet seat covers come in all shapes and sizes, but those designed for children are different in a few ways. Most ones designed for children are waterproof, are much better at sticking in place and can come in fun colours and patterns to encourage their use. All you need to do is remove one from your purse (they are easy to carry) and apply it to the public toilet seat and then after you simply dispose of it in the rubbish after use. The whole process can take a few seconds in preparation and clean-up and can be really helpful for your child.

Tangential Benefits

Apart from helping your child use the loo outside of home, a disposable toilet seat cover for children has other noticeable benefits, especially when it comes to public toilets. Every parent is worried about the amount of germs in a public restroom, and these seat covers remove that problem. They can also stop any water or cleaning product on toilets from coming in contact with your child's skin. To add onto this, they are very easy to stuff in your purse for long car trips and should be an essential when it comes to preparing for road trips.