Top Items You Need To Hire For Your Outdoor Wedding

The logistics of planning your wedding can seem incredibly daunting. Not only do you need to locate a venue, but you also have to find the right suppliers to ensure that you get everything that you need to make your big day magical. However, there are some items that some people overlook when deliberating on wedding hire since they assume that they are not critical to the overall setup of their big day. In truth, there is no item that you should take for granted, particularly if you are having an outdoor wedding rather than one inside a hotel. Below are the top items that you need to hire for your outdoor wedding.

Wedding hire for chair covers

Luxury chairs can be incredibly expensive, and more so if you have a multitude of guests for your wedding. In this instance, you may want to consider more affordable chairs for your big day. However, this does not mean that the chairs should not detract from the visual appeal of your wedding décor! Chairs covers are the best rentals for this particular issue since they come in an array of colours, so you can be guaranteed that they will match your wedding's colour scheme. Additionally, chair covers can also help in designating specific seats to special people. For example, the groom's and bride's chairs could be embellished with different colours and accessorised with bows to make them stand out.

Wedding hire for glassware and china

The second rental that some couples overlook when deliberating on the things to hire for their wedding is glassware and china. A good number of people presume that renting glassware and china costs an arm and a leg, so they will opt for plastic dinnerware for their guests! The reality about plastic is that it cheapens the entire ambience of your wedding, so it is best to consider the luxe feel that rented glassware and cutlery will accord your guests. Additionally, you cannot achieve a stunning table setting with plastic dinnerware as you would with premium glassware and cutlery.

Wedding hire for a dance floor

Outdoor weddings are popular since they allow you and your guests to enjoy Aussie's brilliant weather. But it can be challenging to cut loose on grass! Not only will dancing on grass trample the lawn, but it also can result in an unsightly backdrop for your wedding pictures. The best solution is to rent a dance floor that can be installed on the grass and provide a designated area to dance. In addition to this, the rented dance floor can also enhance the decor scheme of your outdoor wedding.

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