Keep Your Glass Balustrades in Good Shape with the Following Pointers

Balconies, staircases and other high-rise spaces in buildings pose significant safety hazards to the occupants. Falling off any of these places can lead to severe injuries or even death. Particularly, the risk is high for children who do not apprehend how much danger they get into when playing near staircases and balconies. Thankfully, you can keep all your occupants safe by installing balustrades to act as guards on the edge of high-rise spaces. There are many types of balustrades in the market including glass, wood and steel. Glass has an edge over the other materials because of its aesthetic appeal, durability and versatility. If you want to install glass balustrades at home or in a commercial building, here is what you should do to keep the balustrades in good shape:

  • Protect the Glass

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Your glass balustrade will be subjected to many types of harmful elements including knocks, cold temperature, high levels of moisture and ultra violet radiation from the sun. It is therefore imperative to protect it before all these things take a toll on your glass. Ideally, you should use some special wax to treat the surface of the glass, enabling it to stand up to damage for longer.

  • Clean the Glass

Over time, lots of dust, dirt and grime will accumulate on the surface of your glass balustrades. This is because of electrostatic charges on the surface of the glass, which attract and hold dust particles on it. When the dust combines with moisture, it forms sticky grime that must be scrubbed regularly to keep the glass looking fresh. The good thing is that glass, regardless of the type that you choose, is easy to clean. Special glass cleaning solutions and mild detergents are the way to go for the best results. After applying them on the glass with a clean cloth, rinse generously with water and wipe the glass with another clean, soft cloth. Ideally, you should avoid abrasive cleaning agents as they can damage the glass.

  • Inspect the Glass Balustrades Regularly

Brute force is an enemy of glass. Even though balustrades are made from strong glass, there is a high chance that things can go overboard and lead to cracking. Therefore, it is important to inspect the balustrades regularly to ensure that they are free of cracks and fissures. Cracks are lines of weakness on the balustrades and they compromise their reliability. Additionally, you should also look out for any loose bolts, rivets and other fittings that can easily let go when someone leans on the glass.