Choose Retail Uniforms Wisely and Keep Staff Safe

If you operate any kind of retail business, large or small, there are endless benefits to having a uniform for your staff. To name just a few, it makes employees easily recognisable to customers, it fosters a sense of teamwork and belonging, and it helps you ensure your staff are always dressed smartly and appropriately.

When you're choosing a uniform, your first thoughts will probably be about the overall staff and how the colours help to represent your brand. But there are other things to consider that are incredibly important.

One factor that should definitely not be neglected is the safety of staff who have to wear the uniform. Think about these points to help you look after your employees by choosing appropriate clothing for the job:


Although most customers are genuine, polite, ordinary people who are at your business premises to buy goods or services, there's a small risk caused by those who aren't. As the ones on the front lines, it's important to make sure your staff aren't at risk.

If the unlikely happens and an employee encounters an aggressive customer, items of clothing that can be grabbed put them at increased risk. To minimise this risk, supply clip-on ties instead of traditional ones, as they'll come off if they are grabbed. Name badges are also problematic, but magnetic ones will be safer.

Foot protection

Even if your shop floor staff don't work in the stockroom as well, they might have to handle heavy goods on occasion. If you believe there's a chance they might drop items, you should ensure their feet are protected by supplying them with steel toe-capped footwear.

Hand protection

There are two main risks to the hands when working in a retail environment. The first is the potential for trapping injuries from roll cage doors or from handling large boxes. Protective gloves will minimise injury if they're worn for any handling duties,

The second risk applies to businesses where chillers or freezers are used. Staff handling cold goods can suffer in the low temperatures if their hands are bare, so some thin, lightweight gloves will help make them comfortable and keep them safe.


The best way to keep staff comfortable in a variety of temperatures is by choosing workwear that can be put on and removed in layers, with a lightweight inner layer to stay cool in hot conditions. As soon as it turns cold, employees can then put on sweaters or jackets over the top to warm up.

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