Easy ways to make your small business premises look more professional

Running a small business can be challenging; oftentimes, you end up competing with much larger corporate entities for the same projects. Even if you are confident that you are just as competent as more well-known competitors, it can be hard to convince prospective clients of this fact. Many people mistakenly assume that bigger means better, when in reality, smaller enterprises with fewer projects can usually deliver a more personalised and affordable service. One way to can gain the upper hand with potential clients and improve your enterprise's public image is to ensure that the premises from which you run it are extremely well-maintained and professional-looking. Here are some of the things you can to do achieve this.

Pay attention to the finer details

Seemingly trivial aspects of your premise's appearance can have a surprisingly significant effect on how it is perceived by the people you sell your product or service to. Tattered office chairs, carpets covered in coffee and ink stains and a poorly-maintained customer car park do not suggest professionalism or a prosperous business, and so could potentially hamper your ability to attract new clients.

There are a number of steps you can take to address these issues. If your office seating is looking quite threadbare, consider either having it reupholstered or replaced. Additionally, you may want to hire a cleaner to ensure your premises are kept in pristine condition at all times. Finally, consider investing in some line marking products to re-paint the lines in your enterprise's car park; you'll be amazed at what a difference a fresh lick of paint will make. Additional reading on line marking can be found here.

Brand your office space

Most entrepreneurs understand that branding is a key component of making their enterprise appear as professional as possible. However, whilst many business owners devote a great deal of their resources to cultivating a strong online brand through their website and social media, quite a few fail to put the same level of effort in branding their physical premises. If you have made this mistake, there are plenty of easy ways to rectify it.

Firstly, consider incorporating the colours you use for your brand into your commercial space. If you use red and white for example, you could have white walls and red floors or seating. Another option is to have your logo printed onto various surfaces around the premises; the main entrance, the front desk and the walls are all good areas on which to place this image.

Lastly, if your budget allows for it, consider replacing your existing furnishings with ones which are more in keeping with your brand. For example, if you run a graphic design firm, you could put a few quirky chairs and some contemporary artwork around the office, to reflect the creative nature of your business.